• Mom: if you don't do your chores you can't come to the gym with me
  • Me: I literally see no problem with that.
That’s it. I lost him.
Watching the Victoria’s Secret fashion shows from past years. All these girls are so skinny and beautiful.

I’d kill to be an angel.

Considering how much I love food I am so bad at eating properly like it’s not even funny.
I haven’t eaten a proper meal in about three days. Oops.

A guy asked me if he could see something naughty.

Wow emma gr8 job at losing friends that you’ve had since elementary school!!!!! cool! awesome! swag! super duper!!

But on the other hand

He is an asshole and you deserve better!! Yay for waging internal wars!

Did she seriously just say that?????What does that even mean???

Avi and George.

My mom just used “you people” to describe tumblrites

I’m such a shit sister/daughter. I can’t do a damn thing right.

3 AM thoughts.
( this is the first time he’s talked to me In weeks)

Selfies are my specialty.

Gee whiz you’re adorable.

Ah man fuck this show.